Nepkings Alpha 1.2

2 min readOct 2, 2022

After a fair bit, we finally are closing in to Alpha 1.2. Moving certain things away from Nepkings. And branching out some aspects to third party platforms. And skipping one of our big first events. How did we got here?

Blogs / Updates.
The reason that old updates and blogs will not be available anymore. Simply is because we are moving them over to Medium. Why? This saves us time and maintenance. Medium gives us the platform we need to achieve our posts. We can display them on our website and reach people from everywhere not having to think on mobile. Since they make sure people can read them anywhere, everywhere

For your Alpha 1.2 update we planned to add a wiki for Minecraft server😏. Building this ourselves would require some extra knowledge. Since we never created a wiki before, we decided to create a fandom wiki.

A lot of gamers know how to navigate through Fandom. And know how to update them. This way we can comply with what people already know.

To celebrate our Alpha 1.2 release, we wanted to release our first event on our site. This was would be a event to claim your desired username for later. But due to the delay added between releases adds soo much stretch that we decided to release account creation from Alpha 1.2 🎉

And now our rebranding… We did want to remove our Crypto section from our website. This does not mean we will not implement Crypto but more we remove our related pages for now. Not to forget we are working on a more modern and slik look for our website. We want a simple and easy user experience with not too much going on.

Nepkings Alpha 1.2 draft website design
Our website design draft (NOT FINAL)

That being said I think we have spoiled enough for now. We will look check and update our color branding one more time and blog about our up coming changes. A release date… Not sure we hope to release the new platform early 2023…

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